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The main functions of the Public Procurement Department are:

  • The operational execution of tenders for the Ministry of Finance and other Federal ministries, departments, and agencies, as well as giving technical support to the organizations of the Federal Government that have already created their Procurement Units to conduct the respective tenders.
  • The Department conducts inspections on the decentralized procurement of the Federal ministries, departments, and agencies.
  • The Department also conducts studies on sourcing and market research to identify the most cost-effective solutions to attend to the needs of the Federal Government.
  • In the area contract administration, the Department is the depositor of the records of the bidding process and contract administrator for the Federal Government
  • Besides the above the Department also has a structure to administer the inventories derived from the bidding procedures and does the store keeping for the Federal Government
  • Finally the Department provides the Ministry of Finance and other ministries, departments and agencies with expert advice on procurement reform, to support the improvement of the procurement function of the Federal Government.

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