Finance Minister Opens 5-Day Workshop On Contract Fundamentals, Drafting

Mogadishu, February 20,2020: Upon the request of the Director of National Procurement of the Ministry of Finance (“MoF”) of the Federal Government of Somalia, conducted a 5-day training for the National Procurement Directorate on Contract Fundamentals: Drafting and Negotiating Contracts”.  The finance minister joined by the Director- General Saleiman Sheekh Omar and Procurement Director has officially opened the workshop.

The training took place in MoF’s new 5th floor conference room from Saturday, February 15 through to Wednesday, February 19. About 19 MoF members participated and although drawn primarily from the Procurement Directorate (9) others came from various other units including ICT and PFM.

The aim of the workshop (which was similar to that conducted for the Office of the Auditor General in late January) was to build the capacity of Procurement staff to better understand the contracting process including becoming aware of what goes on before and after a contract is signed.

Topics included MOU’s, Construction Contracts, Letters of Guarantee, Arbitration and Negotiation Theory. The week-long training concluded with a negotiation simulation in which the 2 groups negotiated and then completed an MOU for the construction of a fictional water pipeline within Mogadishu.

The training included building skills and awareness on various topics and skills necessary to have an effective impact on the valuable work that the Procurement staff does. There was significant media coverage of the event:


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