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ON Procurement

According to Article 2 of the Public Procurement, Concessions and Disposal Act of 2019 The purpose is to establish institutional structures for managing public procurement and provide procedures for procurement of goods, works, services and other contract terms; administration of concession agreements; and disposal of unserviceable, obsolete, or surplus stores, and equipment by public entities.
All work associated with construction, installation of equipment or materials and services incidental to construction.
It is any activity of an intellectual nature that does not lead to a measurable physical output.
It means objects of every kind and description, including commodities; raw materials; products; equipment; and objects in solid, liquid, or gaseous form.
It is the acquisition by any contractual means of goods, works, intellectual services, or other services; and the term is deemed to include concession agreements and disposals.

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On Tenders

A potential or actual bidder that claims to have suffered, or that is likely to suffer, loss, or injury due to a breach of a duty imposed on the Procuring Entity by the Procurement Act, its implementing Regulations, and the bidding documents may seek review at any stage of the procurement proceedings in accordance with this Part VIII of the Act.
An application for review shall not be entertained unless it identifies the specific act of omission, agency, or Procuring Entity alleged to have violated the Act or its Regulations and the bidding documents.
Where an application for review concerns alleged improprieties in the solicitation of applications to prequalify, or to solicitation of bids, which are apparent prior to bid opening, such applications shall be entertained only if submitted prior to bid opening.
A complainant can seek administrative review directly at the Public Procurement Department within fourteen (14) calendar days of any of after notification of proposed contract award

Tenderers should note that the following are not subject to review. The selection of a method of procurement; the choice of selection procedure; The limitation of procurement proceedings A decision by the entity to reject tenders, proposals, offers or quotations
If for some reason/tenderer/supplier is dissatisfied with the conduct, results, or communication of a tender, he/she could seek a review by the Authorizing Officer of the Procuring Entity.
Tender documents are evaluated based on the terms and conditions stated in the tender documents. No criteria other than those prescribed in the tender document can be introduced at any stage of the evaluation process.
Tenderers willing to participate in the tender opening should be allowed to do so.

A tender document must indicate the deadline for tender submission date, time, and venue for the opening.

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